What our Customers say...


James and Jason were great!

Very quick and prompt service. Very professional.

James, Jason, and Patrick did a great job with my walls. Very quick and helpful with any information I needed. Great job guys!

Showed up on time, did the job, cleaned up well.

I count Michael and his team as a member of my own team, setting the standard for service, dedication and professionalism through their tireless efforts to "get me home!"

Shocked at how great this was, we had a fire and had to move out of our house for 3 months...They really cared about our personal items in our house....We have crazy, limited edition items in our house. While the fire was happening and the fire fighters were at our house there were other businesses like this one, standing outside our house. They were ambulance chasers... I did not realize just how much this company was going to play a huge roll in our fire recovery. Thanks SERVPRO, Kory you and your team is AWESOME.

This was my first experience with this type of claim. SERVPRO staff, as well as my insurance carrier, turned this from a very trying experience to one of gratitude and informative. I will definitely recommend SERVPRO in the future.

They did a great job doing everything I expected them to do and more.

They (cleaning girls) did an awesome job on the house.  Thanks so much for everything.  I count not be happier.  You all rock.

Jeremy, the manager of my project through SERVPRO of Hyde Park/Central Austin, did an excellent job. He thoroughly explained the process, answered every text and call, and made the process as easy as possible. He went out of his way to provide the best customer service. I would give him, and everyone he manages, the best reviews and thanks.

My service technician was really great!

Everything was great!

Their service was excellent and I am totally satisfied with their service. Their staff is very professional and they worked really hard to handle all of our issues.

You and your crew have really hit a home run here, as a general contractor I know what to expect from labor- but your crew has made you look exceptional.

You and your crew have done exactly what you said you would do exactly when you said you would.

The crew did an amazing job.  They went well above and beyond my expectations

On time and professional -- very through

Martha and her crew dis an exceptional job here cleaning our house.  Dennis did a great job wit the duct cleaning yesterday. Thanks from both of us.  

I count Michael and his team as a member of my own team, setting the standard for service, dedication and professionalism through their tireless efforts to "get me home!"

Tim and Mike...these two men were beyond exceptional with their kindness and expertise. They calmed my fears and reassured me that everything would be great once again.

The staff was very responsive and concerned about everything that did in the house was to the highest level. Travis, Andrew & Zack were all excellent with customer support.

Great job, very professional, explained in detail

This team is very professional and thorough.

Prompt and on time

They were very, very nice, kind and helpful.

Zack was extremely professional, courteous and friendly.

Travis was so helpful & professional. Zack and Andrew were also very nice & professional.

Everything was above expectations. The work done by Will was exceptional - very professional.

Thank you for all the attention to detail and making us feel better about saving our belongings.

Attention to detail and cleaning was more than expected. Great job!

When I contacted SERVPRO of Hyde Park, it was due to a crazy flood in Austin, Texas on a holiday weekend. Myself, along with about 60 other homeowners all made contact with them after hours and they graciously prioritized the calls and responded to the first 6 homeowners that called in. I was impressed that Servro was at my house within 3 hours of calling, on a holiday weekend, and had equipment in place quickly

We have used them for several years and they are one of the few companies that I use . When we give them a job order, I don't have to worry about it. They are very clear. If there is a project that won't work out they will let us know. We don't get a service charge unless they actually do the work.

They work closely with customer and inform if any changes are necessary. They are prompt and cleanly.

Very professional, always on time, top notch equipment. Couldn't be more satisfied.

I am so thankful for these guys! After receiving word that the home we were looking to buy had mold, we went into a bit of a panic. SERVPRO was recommended to us by a friend for mold remediation on Wednesday afternoon, and I called as soon as I could look up their contact info. The scheduling coordinator was amazing and had a technician out to the house by 7:30 the following morning.

As the owner of Rollingwood Management Inc, a residential property management company, I've been working with Mike and Cheryl Praytor at SERVPRO of Hyde Park for many, many years. I have always found them and their company to be honest, reliable, knowledgeable and affordable. From carpet cleaning, water damage clean up to mold remediation, even at 2:00AM they have always been there for us. You're the best!

When the roof blew off our home during a straight line wind/rain episode in June 2014, SERVPRO was the first team our insurance company sent out to help us. Super impressive care was taken by SERVPRO to remediate/dry out our soggy interior conditions which saved our irreplaceable inlaid floors.

Emily is knowledgeable and reliable. She and SERVPRO are great at what they do and I would highly recommend her for all damage mitigation and particularly for water-related damage.

I inadvertently stained my custom curtains and thought they might be beyond repair. I called Emily at SERVPRO of Hyde Park and she and her team arrived faster than most ambulances.....I'm not kidding. They were incredibly professional and handled my curtains with kid gloves. They really knew what they were doing and returned my curtains in perfect, stain-free condition! Thanks Emily!!

The calmed my nerves and reassured me everything would be all right.

As I read it "SERVPRO" highlights and promotes "Service Professional" which many companies claim is of premier importance to them. Michael, his family and his team practice and apply this daily through dedication to their craft and service to their customers.

I was satisfied with the response time and the office support.

They were excellent? What a God send to have these people in our "crisis". They made a painful experience almost pleasant!

There was some furniture damage they they have agreed to fix for me. Great team - Very Helpful

You guys are awesome. Charles was friendly and very helpful.

Great! Initial response time was super quick!

I was very pleased with SERVPRO. Everyone one of your team members were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind during the process. It was quite stressful and the members would be patient with us when i need things repeated or explained again. In credible service!

Office needs to communicate better in the scheduling. Some of the scheduling wasn't done in a timely manor. Dillon, Kevin and Charles who did most of the work on my house were great and very professional.

Everyone from SERVPRO cam in to my home was polite, patient, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Eric and Dillon were the best! They made a difficult situation less painful. They were knowledgeable and knew how to put it in terms i could not only understand but found reassuring. Thank you

Well managed & work carried out well. Zack, very good with customer relations, working - clean area, etc. Very satisfied.

They were hard workers - stayed on task. No complaints or changes needed.

Continue what you're already doing - courtesy, prompt, open to questions, knowledgeable.

Fantastic team! Prompt and always on time. Great Response time!

If they could also do buildback work, that would be helpful. One Stop shopping is great. Good job.

Great work. Just a little more communication during this long process.

Travis was great to work with - always returned my calls and was patient and attentive. Shawn was also great to work with and was always willing to explain what he was doing. Everyone was helpful and patient during a very stressful time!

Excellent Service!

Bring Dog Bones (just kidding)

The respected the vintage quality of my home & did everything possible to protect it.

Highly Satisfied, Great Job!

There are not enough adjectives to describe how happy I am with your guys. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. I spent money on carpet that I did not need based on someone else telling me that my carpet couldn't be cleaned. Charles got spots out that have been here for over 10 years! I need to get on his schedule again for tile and the other 2 bedrooms. I seriously can't thank you enough.

When we have a hazard clean up like this we always call you guys. We know one call and its taken care of.

You all are the best. You respond quick and do a great job.

SERVPRO has been great to work with during this tragedy. They have made this much easier than i was expecting.

I am glad i found out you guys clean cars too. The insured just bought that car and you saved us so much.

Cheryl, In this world people seem to find all the bad with people rather than the good. So I am so happy to be sending you this email.

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles this morning. He was an awesome young man, very professional, extremely friendly, personable and knowledgeable but most important he did an excellent job. And for that I am truly thankful (to you and Mike for having such good employees).

Our classrooms flooded again with the recent storm. Someone in my office called out the wrong company before you showed up. You guys are the best and they won't make that mistake again.

SERVPRO saved us a bunch of money. Any other company would have started demoing everything on day one. You guys waited and worked with us. That is what we want.

We have had a major water damage issue Jason and his crew have been unbelievable. As you know, this has been a dramatic time for us as home owners, and he has made the stress very bearable. I think when people do such a wonderful job, their employer needs to know

We have been using "xyz" for our water jobs. You service is so much better. My home owners really appreciate your guys. I am going to start pushing you to all my other const managers.

I called on a Thursday, they had it bid by that evening. We were scheduled Friday evening and tobe competed by Sunday evening. Great job

We just had a company clean up from a fire. We have not even finished yet as you can see. We called the wrong company for the fire clean up, you guys have been great.

This is great client of ours. I only wanted the best and everyone I talked to said you guys were the ones to use. You did a wonderful job and we will be using you again.

SERVPRO was so nice. They were working for my property manager. They brought us boxes and lunch and didn't charge me.

You guys were so responsive and great to work with and I so appreciate it!

I've had four mold remediation companies in 6 months and they were all horrible. You came so highly recommended by Hyde Park Baptist we aren't even getting competing bids for this project.

Quick and communication made it easy. I will call again.

I was amazed they got all the smoke odor out so quickly.

Even though they had dozens of jobs they were prompt and very knowledgeable. They took the time that I needed to explain everything.

SERVPRO did it again. They have has always taken good care of me. I know I am not their only customer but they have always been there when i need them.

Great Company I can tell already by this one job your company does great work and your staff was wonderful.

Top Notch, Couldn't havd asked for more.

Great people. Courteous -- a good experience overall.

Everything we completed as planned just how they explained it. - Well Done.

you guys made me look so good recovering from this incident that I actually think I see a surge in word of mouth business coming from it.

He did a great job, very polite, professional and did great work. You've got a great employee there.

Man i love when a contractor helps us and the customer out and keeps everyone happy

I'm liking only having to call one person to take care of a lot of my needs

Man, I should have expected that kind of service from you. I haven't had a single claim since your CE class and kinda wish I would....

These guys (SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin ) are night and day compared to who the plumber brought in when they made the last mess

Pretty much perfect. Incredibly impressed

Everyone made the experience much easier to deal with. Everyone was helpful. Thanks for all your help.

Do you know you are my only vendor that solves more problems than you creates?

I wish you guys handled all of my claims, but corporate just doesn't want to hear that.

Jason is very informative & knowledgeable about the subject matter

May you are good. You know how to handle difficult customers. I need to use you more often.

I was most satisfied with the follow up and the work itself, they were outstanding and very communicative.

I wanted to go ahead and write back to express my appreciation for helping with this while you were away from the office, and for taking the time to speak with the buyer. Travel safely and thanks again very much for all -

I want to let you know that since you took over our case, work had been moving fast and professionally. We greatly appreciate the work you and your team have done to get us back to our house.

Scored us perfect and said "I was satisfied in all areas"

Property Manger Emailed this to use

"Our Sales agent said she walked the house on Sunday and it was AMAZING what you all can do. She couldn't believe the difference." 

Thank you for your attnetion to details and making us feel better.

Everything was above evpectations.  The work done by Wil was exceptional - verty professional  

Great service, very friendly and informative emplolyees

Zack and Will were profesional, knowledgable and curteous -  Excellent work

The job passed (clearance sampling) with flying colors.  

Your guys are Awesome.  You told me mid week you'd be complete and you work finished on Monday.  

Jason is an outstanding teacher.  His CE courses are very infromative and enjoyable.  

You guys made the process so easy with our insurance company.   

You'r pricing is very fair.  I can't imagine anyone else doing that type work at such a fair price.  

Your project manager Jeremy has been exemplary and has been one of the most informative poeple we've dealt with.  

This has been a tough client.  You have been the only one to keep them happy.  I don't know how you do it.  Great Job.

We really like it when you guys get the mold jobs we test for.

Best in town hands down.  Response time and crew on site very quickly.  

Your company has been the best and most communicative of all my contractors.  You are easy to get a hold of and you do what you say.  

You guys really know what you are doing.  I appricate you allowing us to do what we can do.  

Your company cleaned our house and our cloths.  Wonderfull service.  

Heavy rains equals call SERVPRO.  You guys are great.  It rains and you guys are there for us.  

I know you guys have been slammed with all the storms yet you always find time to take care of us.  Thank you!

I don't know how you guys do it.  Inundated with work and you still manage to get to my job.  

You crews have been great to work with and their work was just as expected.  

Second time around for us.  Last time we used a differenct company.  What a difference.  Outstanding service.  

Work was very professional.  Crews made every effort to keep the dust down.  The girls that came in and cleaned after did a wonderful job.  

Excellent Service...Very Professional...Thanks for being so prompt!

Very professinoal and in constant contact with us.

Jeremy was my initial contact and took good care of me.  He called and checked on me and my family when it all went down.  He was helpful and super friendly and very professional.  He made me fell as if he genuinely cared.  He made this process so much more bearble.  Thanks SERVPRO, completely satisfied!!!