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What Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Entail: Services Offered

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

What Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Entail: Services Offered

Fire does not discriminate. It is, therefore, practically part of life to experience a fire in home or business incidences. However, experiencing it first hand and watching your home or property go up in flames can be a traumatizing affair. Sometimes after the fire damage, even looking at what you once called home is unbearable. With most of your prized and sentimentally valuable possessions torn apart, gaping wall holes and an undying smoke smell, it is understandable why you would call for professional help in fire cleanup.
However, before engaging the services of any of the commercial fire restoration experts available, it is advisable that you first consider what an ideal fire, soot damage, and smoke damage cleanup mean to them. Here is a breakdown of some of the most basic services that should be included in a fire in business or home cleanup process on fire damage restoration.

1. Fire damage cleanup

In the aftermath of a fire in business or home, most of the salvaged household items and furniture are either waterlogged or soot damaged. The walls and ceilings are especially the most affected. A professional fire cleanup exercise, therefore, involves combing of any traces of soot damage from the house interior as well as from the households and office furniture not severed by the fire.
A qualified team of fire damage cleaners can relieve you the emotional pain you would have to endure should you consider handling the cleanup personally. With experience, they have also mastered impressive smoke damage and soot damage skills that restore your items to their original state before the damage.

2. Odor removal

One of the most painful reminders of the fire damage ordeal is the smoke smell that hangs long after the fire has been put off. A good fire damage restoration expert understands this and uses every means necessary to eradicate the smoke smell. You would be pleased to know that they do not just deodorize the premise; they trace the smoke smell source and eradicate it from there, especially for commercial fire damage.

3. Demolition and disposal of building materials and reconstructions

Watching sections or your entire home or office fall to rubble after a fire in home or business incident, though sometimes necessary, can be devastating. A good reconstruction company understands this and, therefore, carries out demolition process selectively while trying to maintain the structural integrity of the home or business. In most cases, if you so wish, the company can also offer reconstruct the house and accessorize it to its pre-fire in business or home appeal.

4. Pressure washing the building and sidewalks

Fire cleanup and damage restoration would never be complete without pressure washing the floors and adjacent street sidewalks after commercial fire damage. These suffer the blunt of the fire damage as most of the burning debris from the fire in home fall on the house floor and outside on the sidewalks. While the two might not catch fire, they suffer soot and smoke damage with lots of burnt debris heaving up on them. These can only be cleaned through the high pressure washing. After the cleanup, commercial fire damage restoration experts are able to determine the magnitude of their damage and recommend an appropriate reconstruction course after the commercial fire damage caused by fire in business.

5. Reconstruction of plumbing fixtures

Sometimes commercial fire damage might have affected the entire building but the heat it generates can have a severe impact on the usually plastic or synthetic plumbing pipes behind the walls. What happens when a smoke and soot damage reconstruction company hurriedly cleans up the place and repaints without taking into consideration loose plumbing fixtures that are either too weak to hold much pressure or are already leaking? They leave the restoration process half-finished. Therefore, when settling on a fire cleanup or a commercial fire damage restoration company, pick an outfit with a proven track record of attention to detail.

Surviving a fire in home or business can be quite agonizing. That’s the reason you need a competent fire in business damage restoration company to help you get your premises back in order. The preferred company should be able to offer stellar fire cleanup services that include soot and smoke damage restoration as well as a permanent solution in the eradication of the smoke smell.
The Steps to Take After Water Damage Occurs
Flood damage, a burst pipe, or any other form of water in the home or water in the business calls for immediate action. Many home and business owners mistakenly assume they can handle whatever water damage occurs in small doses on their own, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Water in the home or water in the business is dangerous no matter the source. Many assume flood damage is all that requires immediate water cleanup and restoration. It’s all damage from water that requires immediate mitigation. The smallest ongoing leak is enough to cause more water damage than most people realize, and it requires the assistance of professional water cleanup, restoration, and mitigation services. If any homeowner or business owner finds water in the home or business, there are proper steps to take to ensure water cleanup and the drying process are handled accordingly.

Call for Help

No amount of water damage is safe. Water in the home and water in the business in any amount is dangerous, and it can lead to much larger problems. To sum it up rather quickly, any amount of water damage can cause mold to form almost immediately. Mold only needs a few hours to spread rapidly, and leaving the water cleanup too long can result in the immediate need to replace walls, floors, and it can cause thousands of additional dollars in damage. Once a homeowner finds water in the home or a business owner finds water in the business, it’s time to call for professional drying services and remediation.

Turn Off Electricity

One of the biggest mistakes anyone makes when they find water in the home or water in the business is walking in without proper permission. The restoration and mitigation process must wait until there is no power in the building. Standing water and electricity are not a good mixture, and it’s imperative the power is turned off prior to anyone entering a building with any water.


Immediately after calling for professional mitigation, it’s necessary home and business owners begin the cleanup process. Water cleanup cannot wait, and the drying process must begin immediately. When it’s safe to enter a home or business with water damage, home and business owners must begin removing their personal belongings. The best place to put them is in a garage or on a driveway where they have a chance to begin the drying process.

One tip for all home and business owners to remember is they should not remove their own flooring or walls until professionals arrive. This is a job left to the professionals, and it might turn out it’s not even necessary. This is why it’s imperative to call for help to find out what must be done and in what order.

Call Insurance

Homeowners and business owners must call their insurance company as soon as flood damage or other water damages their home or office. An adjuster must come out to assess the damage to file a claim to get financial help your way sooner rather than later. It’s important to call for mitigation first, but it’s also important everyone remembers to call their insurance agent next. If there is storm damage, it might mean waiting a little longer than usual to get an adjuster on site as many other homes and businesses might also require extensive water cleanup.

There is no time to wait to seek water restoration and cleanup following a storm, a burst pipe, or even sewage backup. It takes very little time for a simple leak to cause so may expensive problems it leaves home and business owners in shock. Call immediately, and do nothing until professionals give the green light to enter a building when any flood damage or other damage has occurred in a home or in an office. It's imperative homeowners and business owners follow these strict instructions. http://www.SERVPROhydeparkcentralaustin.com for more information on fire damage.

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