Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Evacuation Orders

If your area is under water from a heavy storm chances are that a Government official has issued an evacuation order.  Following the evacuation order may save your life.  If you don't get out and then need rescued later think about the resources being utilized to save you that could be put towards other causes had you just followed the evacuation order.  

Do you live in a Flood area?

Storm waters often leave hundreds to thousands of people stranded.  If you live in a flood area be prepared.  Have a plan of what you need to take and where you will go.  The last thing you want is to risk your own health and safety.  

Storm Damage...Be Prepared

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin is always ready for the storm that floods the city.  Are you ready?  You know if you are in an area that either does flood or may flood during a storm.  Be prepared "weather" you have to move to higher ground or get all your belongs off the floor.  

Tree Limbs Fall on Roof in recent Storms

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin can assist if you have a tree fall on your roof.   This particular job was fairly easy.  This was mainly branches and not the tree trunk.  

Heavy Winds and Storms Cause Severe Roof Damage

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin has seen all kinds of wind and storm damage.  I really like metal roofs on homes.  However when the wind takes its toll on them they can get mangled pretty bad.  

Storm Damage? Need Roof Tarp

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin can tarp your roof if you have a leak.  But don't wait for it to rain and call us to come out and tarp it up.  Get it fixed now before you have to spend the money for the tarping.