Water Damage Photo Gallery

Leaking Shower Tub Surround

Here at SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin I have seen 1000's of tub shower surrounds that look like this one.  Usually when surround tile and grout look like this there is grout failure somewhere that is leaking water back behind your tub.  Get it repaired.  Its a great time for an upgrade on your tile.  

Slow Water Leaks May Not Be Covered by Your Insurance

Ongoing slow water leaks can often go overlooked for long periods of time before the damage is noticeable. These sorts of leaks are often not covered by insurance.  Musty odors and high humidity are clues to watch out for!  SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin can help you determine the extent of the damage.

We can dry out just about anything

Here is a photo where SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin is drying the subfloor decking from underneath the living space above.  This method of containing the floor from underneath and ducting dehumidifiers to blow hot dry air directly into the contained area will speed this drying process up by days vs conventional drying methods.  

Hidden Water Damage

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin can fix a problem like this.  It is not uncommon to find water damaged drywall in a bathroom.  This photo is the backside of a tub / shower. 

Moisture Inspections for Water Damage

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin will perform a free moisture inspection if you had a water loss.  Give us a call.  We will come out and show you with our meters what the moisture content is in the areas of concern.

New Flir Thermo Image Technology

A photo from our newest Flir Thermo Camera. The thermo camera is a must on commercial water damages. Note the darker the area the cooler the temperatures are indicating we need be looking in those areas for moisture. SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin uses these to find hidden moisture on commercial and residential jobs. Great for slab leaks too.